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Buka operations to utilise a ‘Mobile’ generator

Buka operations to utilise a ‘Mobile’ generator

PNG Power Limited is happy to announce that a ‘Mobile’ Generator Set (Cummins KTA50 G3) is ready to be shipped over to its Buka Power-station this month.

Once it arrives in Buka, PPL Technical Officers will fly over to install and commission the generator set to boost power generation capacity for the entire Buka customers.

This ‘Mobile’ generator set, is an Ex-Vanimo PPL Unit which encountered mechanical and electrical faults in 2014, and was decommissioned and shipped to Port Moresby.

Over three years, our Mechanical and Electrical Team from the 6 Mile Engineering Workshop carried out a major overhaul on the unit, doing fault findings, and last Friday July 14, 2017, they ‘switched-on’ the unit.

Since PPL has replaced the faulty Generator in Vanimo with two new Generator Sets, this Ex-Vanimo Unit becomes a ‘Mobile Unit’ that will be shipped to various centers should they face power generation issues with their respective Units.

For now, Buka will be the first recipient whilst awaiting its newly bought generator set which is currently being shipped from overseas.

PPL Buka currently is still load shedding, which has been ongoing since February this year, with two PPL Units and a Leased Aggreko Unit all generating a capacity of 1.4 megawatts. And with this ‘Mobile Unit’ soon to be shipped over and installed, it will boost the generation capacity exceeding the load demand from customers to stop the load shedding.

PPL would like to assure our customers in Buka that we will as soon as we can, restore reliable power to our customers there.

I take this time to thank my Engineers and Tradesmen at 6 Mile Engineering workshop, as well as our Test Branch for their tireless work despite our challenges faced with delays of spare parts and logistical issues.

Despite all these issues, one of our core business values in PPL, is to ensure we continue to generate power, and provide reliable power supply to our customers throughout the country. This we are working on to improve.

Alex Oa, Acting Chief Executive Officer



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