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JYVX Limited comes onboard as Easipay Tokens distributor

JYVX Limited comes onboard as Easipay Tokens distributor

PNG Power has partnered with an Independent Supplier in JYVX Limited under its Jive Marketing online platform to extend accessibility for customers to purchase Easipay prepaid units across PPL network in PNG.

The commercial contract was officially signed last month to have Jive Marketing begin vending Easipay units out to the customers.

PNG Power took the opportunity to take onboard a local SME entrepreneur in Jaive Smare to develop such a highly sophisticated online application to vend Easipay and reach out more to the community through the web based application.

The Jive Marketing platform can be accessed by resellers through their mobile phones and vend Easipay units at street market stalls, street canteens and even business houses. All resellers who want to sell Easipay can contact Mr. Smare to sign up and vend Easipay at their communities.

“I want to assist PNG Power by moving into the communities, settlements and suburbs and make purchasing Easipay easier for our people and at the same time empower mothers, youths and families to be able to sell Easipay and also create awareness for PNG Power,” Mr. Smare said.

JYVX agent numbers are up to eighty-eight (88) and are vending 300 transactions per day.

“I am proud that PNG Power is able to support a local application developer and give them the opportunity to show Papua New Guinea that we are able to have our own systems in place and make things happen. The positive for PNG Power is that we are continuing to sell Easipay through all platforms available in this modern day and we continue to strive for customer accessibility, awareness and been able to provide alternatives in purchasing your Easipay.

Carolyn Blacklock, Acting Managing Director     

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