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Management will not rescind its decision against employees

Management will not rescind its decision against employees

The PNG Power Ltd (PPL) Management will not rescind its decision to issue warning letter to a Contract Officer and a termination letter to a casual employee.

This is because the two employees had breached their employment contracts with the company.

This decision is made in response to an article in today’s (Monday, 7th August, 2017) National Newspaper in which the PNG Energy Workers Association (PNGEWA) General Secretary, Santee Margis called on the PPL Management to withdraw the letters or his members would resort to a sit in protest.

I want the Union members and the General Secretary, Mr. Margis to understand that all Contract Officers signed contracts with the CEO’s office which requires them to legally abide by the company’s Code of Ethics.

I ask Mr. Magis to be responsible and not mislead employees, as the employee’s grievances are being addressed by the Employee Consultative Committee (ECC) which comprises of the PPL Management and Union Officials.

The stop work action does not do any good for the organization nor the employees at all.

Mr. Magis has to know that the stop work was illegal and it was not approved by the Industrial Registrar.

The decision taken by the company to issue the warning letter and the termination letter are according to the company’s Code of Ethics and Contract.

In this case, the Contract Officer had allowed his staff the casual employee to drive the crane truck to block the gate to PPL National Office at Hohola as part of the stop work protest by members of PNGEWA on on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

The Contract Officer had breached his Code of Ethics and Business Conduct which states that a contract officer may not act in a manner that creates or appears to create a conflict of interest unless the contract officer has received prior written approval of the Chief Executive Officer.

The Contract Officer also breached another part of the Code of Ethics which states that the Contract Officer should ensure safety at work place is observed at all times and take action where there is a safety breach.

By allowing his casual employee to block the gate with the crane truck, he was putting the lives of other staff who were still working in the building at risk if there was an emergency situation, they could not drive out of the gate.

All Contract officers have signed the Code of Contract that they represent the company and would not indulge in any conduct that would reflect badly on PNG Power’s corporate image or bring the company into disrepute.

The Casual Employee is engaged based on project requirements hence employment security is not guaranteed. His engagement terms are specific.

For the casual employee, his contract states that he will adhere to company policies, guidelines and operating procedures and fully understand that failure to comply may lead to termination of contract.

He is also not a member of the Union so he should have been at work.

The PPL Management deems that his action in participating in the stop work and driving the crane truck to block the gate is a serious breach of his contract with the company, therefore, he was given his termination letter.

PNG Power Ltd once again wants to remind employees, especially Contract Officers and casuals that you have signed contracts with the company and you have to adhere to the Code of Ethics and the contract that you signed.

This decision should serve as a warning to all other Contract Officers and casual employees.

I appeal to all employees to continue on with their duties and allow  the ECC to meet and discuss the grievances raised by the Unions, and any unnecessary stop work or sit in protests action should not take place.

We want the employees to know that the Management and Board have the employees’ interest at heart and are addressing their issues so that both the staff and PPL are protected.

The ECC will meet on Tuesday, 8th August, 2017.


Alex Oa, Acting Chief Executive Officer

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