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PNG POWER Restructure Legal

PNG POWER Restructure Legal

PNG Power would like to clarify various reports in the media that the recent announcement of the company restructure was illegal and did not get prior approval from its main Shareholder, Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited (KCHL).

As the chairman of PNG Power, I want to clearly state that the restructure is legal and all due process was followed before approval was done.

This is purely a business decision made by the PNG Power Board and only 14 senior employees are impacted whilst 25 new positions were created. The Board approved the Restructure in its recent meeting.

The Board and Management has complied with the 2015 Enterprise Agreement by advising the Union.

The only decision made outside of the Board is the appointment of the Managing Director which is done by National Executive Council.

Peter Nupiri, Chairman of the PNG Power Board     

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