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Power supply restoration work in Mendi, Tari and Ialibu continues

Power supply restoration work in Mendi, Tari and Ialibu continues

PNG Power suffered substantial damage to key infrastructure in the Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces as a result of last week’s earthquake.

Power supply into Mendi, Ialibu and Tari were affected following the 7.5 magnitude earthquake which caused damage to vital power supply infrastructure in the three townships.

PNG Power teams have been on the ground immediately following the earthquake assessing damage and urgently arranging restoration works.

Ialibu has been restored to approximately 95% and teams have now mobilised into Mendi.

Damage in Mendi is extensive to distribution and supply lines but thankfully generators and the line into the Ramu Grid remain intact.

The Tari generator will be recalibrated before it is restarted and there will be work carried out on the power station infrastructure.

A truck loaded with power supply infrastructure for distribution lines restoration left Yonki bound for Tari this morning.

Work on restoring power in and around Mendi and Tari will continue for a number of weeks.

PNG Power is cooperating fully with the emergency response teams to fast track the power supply to essential services such as the hospital in Tari.

We thank the Australian Government for their generous support in this restoration work.

“I want to thank the PNG Power team on the ground in Tari, Mendi, Mt Hagen and Ialibu who have since a few minutes after the destruction of the first earthquake, been assessing and now, rapidly moving in to restore power. They have been inspirational in their proactivity doing what they can with what they have and mobilizing resources. All of this when their own homes and families are impacted. We have our problems at PNG Power but it is clear to me that when we combine our technical know-how with our big hearts we can move mountains,” Ms. Blacklock concluded.


Carolyn Blacklock, Acting Managing Director

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