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Signing of indenture opens gates to many opportunities

Signing of indenture opens gates to many opportunities

Forty Five Apprentices who signed their indentures with the National Trade Testing Board on Friday, July 6, 2018 were told that this was their ticket to all the opportunities out there for them if they concentrated and completed their four years Apprenticeship training.

All speakers including the Acting Managing Director, Ms Carolyn Blacklock, the Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Douglas Mageo, the Manager Organisational Development, Mr Andrew Kavanamur and the NATTB Officer, Ms Lyn Kila  told the apprentices to make use of the opportunity and work hard towards becoming Trades people in their different fields.

Ms  Blacklock told the Apprentices that signing of their indentures was their ticket to greatness.

“It is your ticket to greatness, both financially and personally,” Ms Blacklock said

Ms Blacklock said she came from a family of Apprentices with her father and brother both being apprentices who raised successful families and launched high performance careers with trade certificates. PNG Power apprentices can do the same for themselves and their families.

She also told the Apprentices that if they worked hard and kept their jobs, they could be  millionaires before they retire, based on the calculation of their salaries with PNG Power and superannuation.

She also told the apprentices that if they needed help or guidance with anything they should seek help.

“You are young and sometimes you will go off course. It happens and but please, you must always seek help if you need it. We are your family and are here to help you stay on course. We have undoubtedly made the same mistakes you may contemplate and we are all happy to share our experiences to save you from making the same errors of judgment. We want you to succeed” she said.

Ms Blacklock told them that it was not necessary to have a university degree to be successful in life.

She told the apprentices to value their jobs and see it as they were working for God, for PNG as a country and  PNG Power, as they are joining a skilled team working to change the lives of the eight million people of Papua New Guinea.

“Before the end of 2018 around 10,000 households, that’s around 80,000 people will have access to electricity. You are now part of the team that is determined to change the lives of eight million of our country men and women,” Ms Blacklock said.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr Douglas Mageo told the apprentices to set their own standards and be faithful with their time and talents.

“You have to discipline yourself to be early to work and continue to improve your talents. Set your milestones and have regular reviews and make adjustments,” Mr Mageo said.

An Officer from NATTB, Ms Lyn Kila told the apprentices to value their training as they were very fortunate to be accepted to do their apprenticeship whilst many young people like them were not fortunate.

She also told the apprentices that they were even more fortunate that the allowances paid to them by PNG Power was much higher than that approved by the NATTB that was paid  by other companies.

“PNG Power is paying you higher than the Apprentice wage rate so what are you going to give back to PNG Power,”  Ms Kila said.

Ms Kila strongly emphasised to the Apprentices the importance of obeying instructions from their supervisors.

Ms Blacklock signed the indenture for the 45 apprentices.

PNG Power Training College conducts Apprenticeship Training in Maintenance Fitting Machining, Electrical Fitter, Diesel Fitter and for Power Station Operators.

An advertisement is going out on Friday, July 20, 2018 and next week for the recruitment of 100 new apprentices for 2018.

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