Unplanned Outages

Unplanned or unexpected interruptions to the power supply can occur for many reasons including storms, lightning, cyclones, bushfires, car accidents, or trees or branches falling onto powerlines.  Sometimes they are due to faults on the electricity network.

At PNG Power Ltd, we understand the inconvenience that unplanned outages can cause. We constantly maintain, upgrade and protect our network to minimise the number and duration of these power interruptions. We do everything in our power to provide you with the most recent information in relation to unplanned outages. To view information on current unplanned outages visit our unplanned outages page by following the instructions below.

National Call Centre

  • PNG Power Ltd operates a National Call Centre for all your power issues. You can call the National Call Centre Toll Free Number 116.
  • You can also email callcentre@pngpower.com.pg.

What to do if your power goes out

  • If your power goes out, from the safety of your own home or workplace, look out the window or contact neighbours to check if the interruption is affecting only your property or is more widespread.
  • If you can see or hear something that could help identify the problem, like hanging powerlines or a loud bang, stay well clear and contact us. Precise details will assist our emergency crews to restore power.
  • In case of a life threatening emergency, call 111 for the St John's ambulance services.
  • If you're experiencing dull or flickering lights, 'brown out', low voltage or partial supply, turn off and unplug appliances like your refrigerator, television, computer and DVD at the power point. Do not touch your switchboard or anything metal in your home and call us immediately.

Fallen powerlines can be deadly so be aware - always assume fallen powerlines are live, stay well clear and warn others.