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PNG Power will continue to provide electricity services during the State of Emergency


PNG Power Limited would like to assure electricity consumers and the general public that it will continue to play its role as the electricity service provider during this challenging time.

We completely dispel rumours circulating on social media that there will be power outages nationwide and spreading information on planned strikes by employees.

At this time, our primary concern is to ensure that there is power supply to all our customers nationwide. In the last two days, our teams have been on standby and attended to and restored power supply to our customers despite the serious security threat.

The rumours on social media are created by a few individuals with malicious intentions to misinform, mislead and create further anxiety in the general public on top of what’s already been a challenging two days in the country. Individuals with ulterior motives are trying to use the current situation for their own self-serving interests. There is a current National court order in place preventing employees from going on strike, and employees are fully aware of the consequences. 

PPL is also aware of the 14-Day State of Emergency (SOE), which was announced by the National Government and will comply with SOE directives as directed by the SOE controller. 

Our hard-working team remained committed to their duties despite the civil unrest and will continue to do so for the benefit of all our customers.

Approved for Release

Nehemaiah Naris

Acting Chief Executive Officer

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