About Us

PNG Power Ltd (PPL) is a fully integrated power authority responsible for generation, transmission, distribution and retailing of electricity throughout Papua New Guinea and servicing individual electricity consumers.

PPL services customers in almost all urban centres throughout the country encompassing industrial, commercial, government and domestic sectors. Where possible, the services extend to rural communities adjacent to these urban centres.

PPL is also undertaking a regulatory role on behalf of the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC). These responsibilities include approving licenses for electrical contractors, providing certification for models of electrical equipment and appliances to be sold in the country and providing safety advisory services and checks for major installations.

PNG Power Limited (Company No 1-44680) was corporatised under Section 3 (1) of the Electricity Commission (Privatisation) Act 2002 as the successor company to the Papua New Guinea Electricity Commission (ELCOM). All of ELCOM’s assets, liabilities, rights, titles and personnel were transferred to PPL.

Company Ownership and Reporting

PPL is a State Owned Entity (SOE). The Kumul Consolidated Holdings Limited (KCHL) holds the shares for corporatised state entities as trustee of the General Business trust. The KCHL acts as the sole shareholder on behalf of the Government. The Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investments appoints a Board who report to KCHL. PPL, through the Board provides regular financial and operational reports and a Five-year Business Plan to KCHL on an annual basis.

PNG Power Ltd Board

The PPL Board consists of 8 Directors appointed through KCHL. The Directors come from a diverse professional background whose task is to make policy decisions for the operations of PNG Power.

PNG Power Ltd Constitution

PPL was established under the Electricity Commission (Privatisation) Act of 2000 to be the successor company taking over all assets, liabilities and personnel of the Papua New Guinea Electricity Commission (ELCOM). PNG Power is also governed by another Act of Parliament, the Electricity (Amendment) Act which established a regulatory regime for the Electricity Industry.

PPL as a corporatised entity operates in accordance with the Companies Act 1997. The Constitution of PPL has been established in compliance with this Act. The Constitution establishes the functions and responsibilities of the Board to the shareholders and the general administrative and reporting requirements.