What is Easipay?

PNG Power Ltd has introduced the Easipay system for most centres in the country in order to make electricity service accessible for customers who have the freedom to pay and control the use of electricity.

Easipay is a user-pay system where customers who buy power (kWh) receive a computer generated 16 to 20 digit numbers, representing the information about the customer meter and the amount of power units (kWh) purchased.

The customer enters the digits on the Easipay meter. If the numbers are entered correctly, the amount of electricity in kWh is registered on the meter.

A lighting system similar to the traffic light system will show green for sufficient power, amber for one week’s supply and red for three days supply. When the light is red, the customer buys another lot of units and if not, the meter switches off if the last unit is used up.

The minimum purchase is K15.

With this system, the buying power is with the customer and the customer does not owe PNG Power Ltd any debt.

The rest of the consumers throughout the country who are on the credit meter system will have their credit meters replaced with the Easipay meters.

Buy power through your mobile phones (BMobile, Digicel Cellmoni, BSP Mobile Banking & Kina Mobile Banking).

Customers on both Digicel and BMobile network can purchase Easipay units via their mobile phones.

The system allows 24 hours accessibility to all customers anywhere in the country. It allows greater convenience, especially for Easipay customers in the rural areas.

Digicel and BMobile charge service fees. Customers will have to have credits over K16 on their mobile phones to be able to obtain Easipay units.

Follow these steps to purchase Easipay units on BMobile phones:

Step 1

Dial *775*meter number*amount#
Eg: *775* 2809541*10#

Step 2

You will receive a confirmation message asking you to authorise the transaction
Eg: Meter Name: Mr Kila Bargi


1 to Confirm or
2 to Cancel

Step 3

You will receive a message with your prepaid voucher number and transaction reference number

Step 4

Enter the number into your meter.


How to buy Easipay using Digicel CellMoni?

To easiPay with CellMoni, you should be an active CellMoni customer with a balance in your wallet and follow below steps:

1. Dial *888# and send (*889# for reseller)

2. Select option 2. Top-up services and send

3. Select option 2. easiPay

4. Enter the meter number and press send

6. Enter Amount in Kina (Minimum K15)

7. Enter Pin to confirm.

You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction and containing the token number to be entered into the meter box.

Call 888 to activate CellMoni wallet or to get assistance.


If customers have any problems with their transaction, they can call the National Call Centre on Toll Free 116 or email callcentre@pngpower.com.pg.

Easipay Meter Registration Form

Download the following form and complete and return to our head office in Port Moresby:
Easipay Meter Registration (pdf)