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Warangoi Landowners to work together with PNG Power

PNG Power is keenly aware of the claims of the various landowner groups around our Warangoi Hydropower facility.

In a meeting held on May 8, 2019 between the East New Britain Provincial Administrator, the Qaqet Stewardship Council, the Warangoi Hydro Landowners Association, the Sininvit LLG and PNG Power, the parties agreed that a Land Investigation Report must be completed to confirm the ownership of the land before any further agreements can be established.

PNG Power and the East New Britain Provincial Administration have committed to completing the Land Investigation Report. In fact, PNG Power has committed significant internal funds to conduct the investigations, with the updates/progress to be discussed in the next meeting. At that same meeting, the parties agreed to meet again before the end of July 2019 but this was deferred to early August by the ENBPA due to the LLG elections.

“Whilst this does not apply strictly to the agreement reached earlier, PNG Power remains committed to the process, will attend the meeting next week and wish to assure all parties that we intend to resolve the matter in a timely fashion,” said Ms. Blacklock.

Therefore, we are disappointed that the landowner groups appear determined to disrupt progress at the last minute on the rehabilitation of the Warangoi Power Station and postponing the benefits that will accrue to communities across East New Britain. We believe that their actions will accomplish little if any benefit.

We encourage the landowner groups to meet with us and the ENBPA as scheduled next week and continue to work cooperatively to finding a constructive solution.


Carolyn Blacklock

Acting Managing Director

PNG Power

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