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Early retirement benefits for PNG Power employees

PNG Power has developed an Early Retirement Package Program with great benefit for its employees who have are in the early retirement age bracket of 50-59 years.

This is an important initiative for the company to manage its aging workforce and at the same time an opportunity to attract young, vibrant and energetic workforce and put in place talent with a new mindset and culture into the business.

There have been a lot issues raised in the mainstream and social media about the customer service and performance levels of PNG Power employees. Having an active workforce with dedication and commitment is critical to drive business to meet customer expectations.

The early retirement package is one of the company initiatives that would be attractive to eligible aging workforce and pave way for the young people to bring in fresh thinking and energy with new mindsets into the business to drive performance excellence at all levels within the organization.

This initiative is not a forced retirement strategy but it is an option employees will decide on and if they wish to exit, there is a financial benefit that the company will provide for them. The normal compulsory retirement age at PNG Power is 60 years, which is in line with company policy. However, if staff want to leave earlier, then the financial benefits are available through the Early Retirement Package Plan.

With the young active and dynamic workforce, this will transform the way PNG Power does its business and ultimately improve on customer service delivery which is needed by the customers.

PNG Power encourages and intends to maintain a workforce with the right mindset and right culture to transform the business.


Flagon Bekker

Managing Director

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