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PNG Power’s Commitment for the Independence Day long weekend


As the Chief Executive Officer of PNG Power Ltd, I want to wish every member of our wonderful nation a very Happy 48th Independence Day.

As your national electricity services provider, I want to personally commit to ensuring that the nation gets to observe and celebrate the Independence Week as a nation, free from any planned maintenance or shutdowns. Throughout the long weekend, me and my dedicated team of technical subject matter experts will strive to ensure that there will be no power disruption around the country.

As some of you may be aware, currently there are areas around the country experiencing load shedding of electricity service, but we will ensure that by Thursday and leading into the long weekend, there will be no planned power outages. All scheduled maintenance plans that will involve downtime on power supply have been postponed to ensure everyone enjoys their Independence Day celebrations.

The general public is asked to be vigilant and take ownership during your celebrations on the long weekend so that we can avoid instances of damage caused to the power poles and lines which could result in loss of electricity supply or even causing damage and injury to people and properties.

As usual, our dedicated and skilled teams will be on call 24/7 to monitor your power supply and will be on standby to move at a moment’s notice, including during this independence weekend celebrations.

Our staff will always provide that selfless commitment to ensure that you our customers and our people of Papua New Guinea are provided the best service and that any power issue will be attended to in a safe and timely manner.

We are making the commitment to ensure that you all have a thoroughly enjoyable Independence weekend.

Celebrate safely and always remember to look after each other and stay safe, so you can continue to enjoy time with your family.


Obed Batia                                                                

Chief Executive Officer

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