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Vanimo Power Station intact following fire threat

The Vanimo Power Station is intact and will resume supply of electricity to consumers and the general public in Vanimo and surrounding villages this afternoon.

PNG Power Chief Executive Officer, Obed Batia denied a report by NBC News on its Facebook page claiming that the Vanimo Power Station caught fire this morning and destroyed all its generators, disrupting power supply in the township.

The news report is misleading and not true.

PNG Power switched-off the power station, following an unfortunate fire incident that started from the PNG Defence Force Forward Base, which shares the boundary with the power station and the fire quickly spread out to the power station yard.

With quick action from our team and assistance from Vanimo Forest Products, the fire was put off using water carts.

It could have been catastrophic, but the quick action saved the power station and its fuel tanks.

PNG Power Vanimo team are awaiting clearance from our Safety Team, before starting up the generators to restore full power supply.

The PNG Power Safety Team will investigate the cause of the fire, and recommend appropriate actions to mitigate such happening again in the future.

Mr Obed Batia, Chief Executive Officer

PNG Power

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